Eticore is a privately owned company operating in the corporate trust space, providing financial services for structured debt and managed investment vehicles, including management, accounting and administration services. The company was founded by Belinda Smith, who sought to create a corporate trust and financial services business that provided exceptional service, standards and culture, for all stakeholders – clients, employees, shareholders and others alike. Eticore is an Australian company, funded by a number of shareholders who are passionate about sharing Belinda’s vision, and providing the industry with a choice which they believe to be superior.


The Eticore team have over 40 years’ experience in structured debt, capital markets and managed funds. Team members have worked in the industry not only in Australia, but across a number of different jurisdictions, including the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, UK, USA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Maggie Wu
Maggie Wu


Eticore operates in the corporate trust space, providing financial and analytical services for structured debt and managed investment vehicles, including management, accounting and modelling and analytical services.


Eticore’s philosophy is simple
– Exceptional service and outstanding quality is essential in all that we do
– Ethical behaviour and a principled culture are core to our success

It was my pleasure and privilege to work with Belinda for several years at S&P Global Ratings in the Asia-Pacific Structured Finance team. During that time, Belinda demonstrated her capacity to work effectively in a high volume data intensive, fast-paced, transactional and customer focused business. Belinda also demonstrated her ability to work across markets and in a variety of different roles and capacities – including leading teams effectively. She has strong transactional and project management skills, analytical skills and attention to detail, business acumen and very strong customer orientation. Defined and informed by her experiences to date, Belinda has now established Eticore – grounded in a clear and compelling vision that doing what is right and delivering the best outcomes and service to customers is the path to sustainable business success for Eticore and its clients alike.


Principal at Petrichor Consulting Services Pty Ltd, previously Australian Country Head and Head of Developed Markets Asia-Pacific for S&P Global Ratings

Belinda Smith was one of my primary contacts in her role as Director at Standard & Poor’s. At this time, I was running the State Street asset-backed commercial paper business and Standard & Poor’s rated the CP issued by the two programs. S&P also rated all of the public issued securities in which the programs invested. I found Belinda diligent and professional in all my dealings with her. I valued her ability to get to the nub of potential issues and to patiently respond to the many questions posed in the process. When my team was looking to expand in Asia, Belinda was able to provide some insight and contacts into several of the markets in which we were seeking to invest.

Melissa Marzulli

(Former) Managing Director, State Street Capital